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Wheelhouse set A wheel and housing set for roller bags



Snap Fasteners are used to hold the wheelhouses in place for Cobra roller bag. They are inside rings(nuts) and outside bolts as can be found in the bag..

Locate the inside nuts (rings) which are close to the wheelhouse as showed in the picture. There are four sets of snap fasteners on each wheelhouse. There are two other at the hip, these two are more difficult to remove.

Woodworking chisel is the best to rip the rings. A cutting plier provides a great help to remove the rings. Slotted screwdriver can be used for the same purpose. Once the ring ( rings ,nuts) been removed, turn outside to remove the bolts.

The outside bolts can be removed by a cutting plier or a screwdriver.

Clean it up, after all bolts are removed, it is ready to put the new wheelhouse back on.

As the bag faces down, work first with the lower two hip screw holes. Fix the wheelhouse in position with a nail or small shank screw driver, put the #10 5/8" screw/washer through the open hole. Next, remove the nail or screw driver, put through another #10 5/8”screw/washer. Tighten these two screws with nuts from inside the bag.

After the bottom two screws are in position, tighten the remaining two fasteners for the wheelhouse. It may need to bend the bag bottom to match the screws holes of wheelhouses and the ones on the bags. Match the curve of wheelhouse and bag bottom for a better fit.

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